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Before you go to Ukraine. Ukraine Travel Advisor is designed to be a reliable source of practical information to plan your visit to Ukraine. Are you planning to travel Ukraine but are not sure how to get there? Would you like to know where to find the best places to stay and the most interesting things to see? I am here to help answer those questions for you.

I am not a sales person who is trying to sell you a typical travel package. Since I was born and have been lining in Ukraine my whole life I have spent many years traveling and experiencing this beautiful country. I have created this on-line guide — Ukraine Travel Advisor — to benefit you in order to plan the best Ukraine trip possible. This means that all information presented here is based on my personal» lived, seen, and traveled experiences.» I hope that this approach will provide you with an unforgettable experience — discovering one of the largest and most historical countries of Europe. This Ukraine Travel Guide covers a lot more than just the usual attractions suggested to the tourists who visit the country. It gives you opportunity to see this ancient and beautiful country from inside. The information here covers more than you will most likely be able to see of Ukraine in one trip. Therefore it is advisable to take some time and look around the site before planning your travel to Ukraine in details so you can understand your options and choose what is the most interesting to you. I'd really recommend you take your time planning your trip and browse this site, before you book tickets to Ukraine.

Ukraine Travel Tips.
Explore your options and plan everything ahead:

Develop a sense for this beautiful country and find out about Ukraine history and ancient Ukraine culture in order to maximize your interests. Discover the Three most interesting areas: plan your own Kiev tour, find the best places to visit, figure out why the City of Odessa is called «A Pearl of the Black Sea», touch the special atmosphere of the Carpathians mountains and their capital city Lviv(Lvov). Watch Ukraine videos to feel the real spirit of the «life on our streets» and look at the exhibition of traditional Ukrainian arts at our on-line Ukrainian Store to get an idea of our national traditions and customs. To make your travel planning easy, Ukraine Travel Guide will also introduce you to more practical things required for your visit to Ukraine:

Find Cheap Flights to Ukraine. Choose the best and the smartest way for you to travel to Ukraine as well as around the country: by air,train, bus, ferry or car.
To determine the type of accommodations which are the best available for you. Find hotels, private apartments, hostels or timeshares in Ukraine.
Find out how much you can buy with your Ukraine money and what are the best options to pay.

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Ancient and forever young Kiev (Kyiv) where shining golden domes can be seen everywhere.
The magic fairyland of Odessa and warm tender water of the Black Sea.
Glamorous virgin Carpathians which look fabulous any season of the year.

Follow me and enjoy this site…. I hope when you return home from your travel to my Ukraine you will have learned to love this beautiful country as I do. Enjoy your trip!



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