Low costs dental prosthetic. Affordable All-in-4 system. All in four prosthetic. Affordable dental vacation.

Computer Tomography of the Teeth (CT). X-rays should be completed and sent to the clinic. All on four system procedure. Implants.
December 27, 2016

Low costs dental prosthetic. Affordable All-in-4 system. All in four prosthetic. Affordable dental vacation.

The cost of prosthetics depends on each specific case and the degree of complexity of the procedure. The price of dental prosthetics is also influenced by the level of qualification of a dentist, a dental technician, existence state-of the-art world-class equipment, prestige of the clinic, which carries out prosthetic procedure.

In general, depending on the type of fixation in the oral cavity of the patient dentures is divided into three types:

  • non-removable dentures
  • removable dentures
  • combined prosthetics – which is missing teeth prosthetic orthopedic products consisting of elements of the removable parts and the non-removable prosthetics.

In turn, non-removable denture prosthetics is divided into:

  • partial crowns
  • dentures crowns
  • dentures bridges.


Non-removable prosthesis is used to replace the unit and the major defects of the dentition.

Removable prosthesis is more suitable for small defects of the dentition and also has several subspecies. Prosthetist can make partially removable dentures for a patient, conditionally removable dentures and total removable dentures.

Any of these types of prosthesis will relieve the patient from complexes about missing or imperfect teeth. All-in-4 system will completely restore the full mouth of teeth to the patient

Local clinic in Ukraine, Kiev offers high top quality all in 4 systems for reasonable price. But please, always remember, in case you decide to make dental vacation and being treated at low costs dental facilities in Kiev. To receive the accurate calculation of dental treatment & installation of all in 4 system, you have to provide the clinic with dental panoramic X-ray ( OPTG – orthopantomogram) before you start planing your denture trip. The total costs will very much depend of your current dental health.


If you have any questions as to your possible denture care and about to plan your trip to Kiev, Ukraine or have any comments, please feel free to contact us filling the form below. We would be happy to help you, just send us your questions with contacts and we get back with promptly!


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