Bones’ plastic. Osteoplasty of dental treatment.

Computer Tomography of the Teeth (CT). X-rays should be completed and sent to the clinic. All on four system procedure. Implants.
December 27, 2016

Bones’ plastic. Osteoplasty of dental treatment.

If the foundation of a building is strong & reliable, the house will stand for many years. This phrase is very well suits to osteoplasty. From osteoplasty’s results depends whether the implant will stand firmly and serve for many years ahaead or not.

The main indications for bones’ plastic (osteoplasty) is the lack of bone volume in which the placement of implants in a correct orthopedic position becomes impossible.

Bones’ plastic (osteoplasty) – is a partial or complete recovery of bone defects by means of bone transplants. Bone atrophy can occur for a variety of reasons. Jaw injury, traumatic tooth extraction, the anatomical features of the jaw structure, inflammatory process of the bone.

In this case it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, X-ray (Computer Tomography) and additional check out may also be required.

For successful implantation the necessary amount of bones’ plastic (osteoplasty) at the selected location is required.

All bone materials used for osteoplasty, are divided into several categories, which in turn may have osteoconductive (playing the role of a matrix on which bone is formed) or osteoinductive properties (are capable of accelerating the regeneration of bone tissue). Some bone implants can combine two of these qualities together.

1. Autogenous (autologous bone graft) is a material taken from the patient’s own bone.

2. Allotransplants (allogenic bone graft) are also a bone material of human origin (donor bone).

3. Xenografts (heterologous bone graft) are bone materials of animal origin (from the
bones of cattle).

4. Alloplasty – artificially produced material for bone augmentation.

Local clinic in Ukraine, Kiev offers high top quality bones’ plastic (osteoplasty). reasonable price. But please, always remember, in case you decide to make dental vacation and being treated at low costs dental facilities in Kiev. To receive the accurate calculation of dental treatment on bones’ plastic (osteoplasty), you have to provide the clinic with dental panoramic X-ray ( OPTG – orthopantomogram) before you start planing your denture trip. The total costs will very much depend of your current dental health.

If you have any questions as to your possible denture care and about to plan your trip to Kiev, Ukraine or have any comments, please feel free to contact us filling the form below. We would be happy to help you, just send us your questions with contacts and we get back with promptly!



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