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Booking a Hotel in Ukraine

DSCF0152As for hotels in Ukraine, there are a few additional problems to compare to booking hotels in more traditional tourist destinations. To book a hotel in Ukraine is a problem which doesn’t sound any better than booking hotel somewhere else in the world. At least for me this process has always been a big headache. Where to stay? What to choose? Will it really be a decent place? Is it the best deal available? One can continue to ask these questions and more and still not have the answers.

Ukraine tourism has huge potential, its thousands of monuments and destinations attracts over about 15 million travelers from all around the world, every year, and they all end up with a place to stay. At the same time, the Ukraine hotel industry is not yet very competitive. Finding a good level hotel at a reasonable price in Ukraine is not that simple.

Hotel in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, demand is higher than supply and our hotel industry has a long way to go to reach the highest world standards of service. Besides that, not all Ukraine hotels present information about their property, booking services, and room availability on-line. Instead, there are numerous, reliable booking companies which do it for them. You can spend a whole day surfing their websites and trying to find a good deal for a hotel in Ukraine. As for me, it is TOO much information «to digest». They provide you tons of data and variants to choose from, but if you are like me, a first-hand information and experiences from people sound more reliable for some reason.

Here is a good solution to get that first-hand opinion. There are a lot of travellers who share their experiences on-line. My favorite place is TripAdvisor. Their clearly structured and well presented information about flights, hotels, things to do, top places to see provided with numerous reviews and pictures from people who visited those places, is really a great time and money saver! Based on their opinions, you have an opportunity to compare, develop your own judgment and choose the best deal available. As for booking hotel in Ukraine, a TripAdvisor’s database includes about over than 100 Ukrainian cities at the moment. There are couple ways to find the information you need. You can begin from the page where all of them are listed. Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor (A new window opens).

Another variant is to check «Ukraine-Hotel-Deals» section. There you can find a list of the hotels which obtained the best ranking from the people who stayed there. Besides that, each hotel includes a list of leading booking companies where you can compare prices available for that particular hotel and make your booking. Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor (A new window opens). If you look for booking hotel in Kiev only, contact us to give you our observations about features of the hotel business in Kiev.

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