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Kiev Apartments

To rent Kiev apartments. Is it a better idea, instead of staying in a traditional hotel? Why would you try something that you have never heard of before? These are good questions. You don’t really have much time during your stay in Ukraine to spend it trying to figure out what kind of accommodation in Kiev best suits your needs. You are conservative and you know that people usually choose stay in hotels first. Hotels are there to accommodate people. You are right. It is very true. Everywhere….But in Ukraine.

The World Tourism Organization has placed Ukraine in the top 25 most visited countries in the world. Vast numbers of travelers visit Ukraine every year, and the Ukraine tourism industry is getting prepared for the significant popularity increase it has seen during the last 10-15 years. The massive events like European Soccer tournament - UEFA in 2012, Song Contest Euro-vision 2005, and upcoming upcoming Song Contest Euro-vision 2017 bring more tourists to Ukraine which are interested in renting apartments or houses for rent.

Today we can see many new hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions, which have been created in Ukraine and its capital Kiev. Many years ago, there was such little demand for accommodations in Ukraine that there was virtually no market available to serve tourists. As a result of those years of growth and the lack of hotels, the apartment market in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities stepped up and today are well prepared to confidently receive guests. Kiev apartments successfully compete with the big players, the traditional hotels.

A highly competitive Kiev apartments business tries hard to fill the existing niche in the Kiev accommodation market. Being privately owned businesses, they have direct interest to be dedicated to their customers and offer quality rental apartments, excellent customer care, competitive low rates, transfers, vehicle rentals, and so on. Who will be the winner in this competition? There are many good reasons to assume that it’s the customers. Sure, you can judge for yourself.  
Kiev Apartments or Hotels?
Need more information to find out about options available? Contact us directly using the form below. Certainly you can book a hotel room, but unfortunately their services are not becoming significantly any better and prices are going up each year as they are the typical go-to accommodation for most tourists. Kiev apartments which we offer are selected and built especially for foreign guests. The level of services never goes below 3-star hotels. Nice spacious apartment located in downtown Kiev, have cleaning service, free high speed Internet and satellite TV, are also provided in our apartments. Here is what we can compare to make it more obvious:
Kiev Apartments

- Price: From $35 up to $85 per night with a term gradation for the long term
- Area: Spacious area – from 20 sg.m for the smallest studio rooms and up to 150 sq.m for 3 rooms apartment
- Accommodation: Comfortable for 2-6 people – depending on the size of the apartment
- Qualities: comfortable furniture, king/queen size beds, electrical tea pot, all kitchen supplies, hair dryer, iron, water heater - hot water all the time, air conditioning, no limits on your guests, cleaning each 7 days or upon request
- Rest area: comfortable furniture, DVD/CD player, free high speed internet
- Nourishment: fully equipped kitchen, all kitchen necessities - tea pot, fridge, pots, microwave oven

Hotel in Kiev

- Price: $65- $350 per night, less expensive hotels are located far off from the city center.
- Area: Standard double room for two – 20 sq.m
- Accommodation: Comfortable only for 1-2 people
- Qualities: standard rooms and furniture - bed(s), few stands, TV, bath, big beds are only in 4-5 star hotels from $300 and up per night no kitchen, air conditioning:4-5 star hotels, no guests or limits on time of visits, cleaning every day
- Rest area: bed, chair, TV, minimum comfortable furniture
- Nourishment: no kitchen, expensive restaurants at the hotels

If you are looking for perfectly located and expertly designed apartment in Kiev which meets all your expectations, contact us directly filling in the form below. We'd be more than happy to make a reservation of the flat for a short or long term, and confirm with you regarding its location & price. Any questions or comments on Kyiv's apartments, contacts us!