Looking for accommodation in Ukraine you have to take into consideration a few important things.

 Accommodation in Ukraine. Find out about available options

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Before 1991 tourism in Ukraine was not even considered as a branch of the State economy. It was just a neglected part of «the sphere of services». Foreign tourists were allowed to visit officially designated «open» cities only. Practically no Soviet citizens were allowed to travel abroad. In the present day tourist industry became one of the fastest growing branches of the Ukraine’s economy.

Ukraine tourism has huge potential: over 500 cities of Ukraine are more than 900 years old, 4500 villages were founded more than 300 years ago. More than 150 thousands monuments of culture, history, archeology reflect the remarkable history of the Ukrainian people. But Ukraine tourist industry still has a long way to go to reach the best world standards.

How does it relate to finding accommodation in Ukraine? Rental services in Ukraine are still not competitive enough to strive to offer their customers the best price/quality ratio. Economics is a stubborn thing. If demand is higher than supply, people are willing to pay higher prices in order to get decent place to stay. But from the other side rental industry in Ukraine attracts a lot of investors and situation is changing for the better every single year.

 What should you expect looking for place to stay in Ukraine? There are a few accommodation options available.

State-run or privately owned hotels. Depending on the city and level of service their price range is enormous — from $10 to $600 for a room. There is a shortage of 3, 4, and 5-star hotels in Ukraine. Very often private hotels have better quality and a little more expensive. Perhaps the best developed net of small and non expensive family-run inns with excellent living conditions exists in the Carpathian area. There is a good chance to find good private hotels in Kiev and its region as well. Short-term or long-term apartment rentals is a real alternative to hotels. They are especially popular in Kiev due to a lack of quality hotels. The companies running apartments provide pretty the same set of services as hotels do. The prices for apartments are usually 50-60% less for the same area and quality than hotels.

Youth hostels are a low-cost alternative for those who are on a tight budget. Price range is from $6 to $35 per person. There are no too many of them in Ukraine yet. The most exhaustive list of hostels and booking service can be found at Ukraine Youth Hostels page. Hostels accommodate anyone — not only young people. Highly recommended for students or the adventurous backpackers.

Ukraine Timeshares are your opportunity to make your favorite region of Ukraine a home away from home when you buy a vacation property in the area. These vacation properties tend to be more cost-effective, over time, than paying for nightly accommodations every time you travel because they allow owners to divide the cost of property ownership among several parties.