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Black Sea Cruises.

Black Sea Ferry.


Black Sea cruises are a great alternative to fast, but expensive air travel. From the other side, sea cruises are always a lot of fun. How can you say «no» to having fun while saving money? Black Sea cruises are a good addition to your itinerary to Europe, or just a way to travel the Black Sea if you need to.

Would you like to visit more Ukrainian cities and still enjoy the sea cruise? Then check out theDnieper River/Black Sea cruise. With its extensive route you can use this cruise to visit several popular Ukraine destinations in a row. The route starts in Kiev and includes Dnepropetrovsk — Zaporozhye — Odessa.

While on the cruise, you can visit a Kazak horse show in Zaporozhye and the famous Opera and Ballet Theater in Odessa. Dnieper River cruises are extremely popular. They should be booked as early as possible if you expect to find vacant places for the cruise.

This web page brings together all the main Black Sea ferry services which are currently (November, 2011) available at the Ukrainian sea ports.

The biggest and the most modern Ukrainian Black Sea ports «Odessa» and «Illichevsk» are located in the Odessa area.

Besides that there is a port in Kherson, which handle passenger ferries.

Most of the ferry lines operate during the summer season. The majority of the Ukrainian cruise lines are served from the two major cruise «headquarters» on the Black Sea:

  • Port of Illichevsk (Ukraine)
  • Port of Istanbul (Karakoy, Turkey)

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