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Ukraine Guide

Ukraine Guide-Walking Bridge.

If you have not found a good Ukraine guide, you’re just out of luck. A good Ukraine tour guide is your opportunity to stop being a tourist and become a guest. Ukrainians are well-known for their hospitality. Any guest in our country is a very special person. Being a guest, you will see the country the way Ukrainians see it. You will experience the real Ukraine, but not «the best places to see» for the tourists.

What is a guide? According to Wikipedia, a guide is a person who leads or directs another person over unknown or untapped country, or conducts travelers and tourists through a town or other place of interest. Hm… Sounds not bad. If somebody took me under their wing in unknown country and showed the places that are off the beaten path, I would really be happy.

Recommended Ukraine Guides

Is it possible to find a Ukraine guide who speaks your language, takes care about all hassles during your vacation, is able to answer all your questions, shows you a real everyday life in Ukraine that you have never would seen without him? Is it too much to ask about?

Let’s analyze all possibilities for choosing a Ukraine tour guide.

You have a few options to organize your tour and to find a good Ukraine travel guide.

Escorted Tours
Independent Travel
Package Travel
Personal escorting or «Hosted» tours
Escorted tours

are the most traditional of all tours. They can be booked through the tour operators. Many of them are very experienced and provide good service. But one should remember that any escorted tour is a group travel.There will be at least 20 people from your group with different interests and preferences all the time around you. You will be forced to follow their schedule. With a large tour group you often can’t hear the guide, you miss the most interesting details about a sight because there isn’t enough space for everybody to see it. Does it sound familiar to you? Most likely you will find similar situation here in Ukraine. The best on the planet Ukraine guide can’t be any better guiding a large group of tourists.

Independent Travel.DSC_3426

provides you complete freedom. You are on your own. There aren’t any groups, no one tells you when and where you should go. But at the same time you still have a wide range of options to book through a tour operator: tickets, hotel accommodations, transit passes, etc. This variant works great if you know local language and customs. For Ukraine, whose tourist infrastructure has not been developed enough yet, independent travel can become more of an ordeal than a holiday.

Package Travel.

Unlike independent traveler, you will have fixed itinerary, all ground transportation and hotel accommodations booked in advance. In the frame of your fixed itinerary you can tailor your schedule the way you want. There isn’t organized group to be dependent on.

Package travel are the most popular and the least expensive. In Ukraine it will work fine for you if you are not going to travel around the country. You won’t meet many people, speaking your language. Hence, your ability to communicate with local people in their language is a vital necessity.

Personal escorting or «Hosted» tours.

If you are traveling alone as an independent traveler, or with family and friends, there isn’t a better way to see real country than with your own, personal Ukraine tour guide. A personal guide is an ideal variant for those who come to Ukraine, not for sightseeing, but for business or having some other special purpose. Your Ukraine guide will be your interpreter, driver, and adviser or helper if you wish. The local guide can invite local experts to share their knowledge of specific areas, culture or activities. Hiring a personal Ukraine guide is far more affordable than most people think. With a right guide it will be the best travel investment you have ever made. It will be YOUR personal tour like no one else’s. Beside this you will feel yourself very comfortable and safe while your tour within Ukraine.

DSCF0154How Can You Possibly Compare all the Choices?

Do your homework. Research all possibilities. Choose the one which meets your wishes and purposes the best. I will try to help you. I have chosen only those Ukraine guides who are highly recommended by their customers or I have known them personally. You can contact me directly through contact forms on this site I am sure the guides I recommend you will find out their availability to host you. In case you feel like you need to see or visit particular places for pleasure or business, like museums, shows, art galleries, and so on. You can always email your request to one of the guides upfront and to have him/her check with the open hrs, and the best day/time to go there.