Destination Ukraine

Destination Ukraine.

Seven miracles of Ukraine.

As a tourist destination, Ukraine attracts more than 15 million travelers every year. With such a substantial number of people visiting Ukraine each year what are they coming to see here?

Through the several thousand years of its history Ukraine has accumulated so many unique cultural and historical treasures that it is a practically hopeless idea to see «everything» during a short trip. However with so many excellent options available, you are sure to have a memorable experience no matter how long or short your visit to Ukraine may be.

In May 2007 the Ukraine tourism industry enlisted the help of hundreds of experts in history, culture and tourism in order to help determine the tourist objects which are the most important for introducing national history and culture. On top of this approximately 77,000 individuals expressed their opinions on the website that was established for these efforts.

Tourist Destination Ukraine.

The result of this project was a list of the Top 100 destinations in Ukraine, chosen from a list of over 1,000 initial selections. The second phase of the project further narrowed down the list by selecting the Top 21 tourist objects, as finalists to become the winners. Finally on August 27, 2007, the winning sites were chosen for being the most remarkable destinations to visit in Ukraine. They were to be known as the «Seven Miracles of Ukraine».

The following map gives you an idea of the location of the «Seven Miracles of Ukraine.» The table presented below provides more details about the sites that were chosen as the most significant for Ukraine history and Ukraine culture destinations.

If you would like my own opinion, here it is. I’ve travelled extensively around Ukraine and have visited many of the places presented in the original list of the Top 100. Without any doubts all seven chosen objects deserved to be included in the list of the «Seven miracles of Ukraine».

But please don’t consider that there is nothing else in destination Ukraine that is worthy of your attention. Unfortunately there are only seven places in the List of Miracles. I just feel sorry, that you may miss some other treasures which Ukraine history and culture are able to offer you, if you were to only focus on the Seven Miracles.

Destination Ukraine has many outstanding things to offer from the obvious to the hidden-gem, you will surely walk away with a greater appreciation for this wonderful country. In order to help prepare you for your visit here are the winners, the Seven Miracles of Ukraine:

Sofiivka national park. National Dendrological park «Sofiivka».
Location: City Uman’, Cherakassky oblast(region).This park was founded in 1796 year by the Polish count Potocky as “a very special gift” to his beautiful Greek wife Sofia. This place is an amazing and romantic harmony of natural landscape and garden design created by human hands. The park can be visited throughout the year.
Kievo-Pecherska-lavra. Kievo-Pecherska Lavra Monastery.
Location: city Kiev. Lavra’s architectural complex or Kievan Cave Monastery was founded in 1051 and during the centuries was a center of science, culture, arts, spiritual and religious values. In 1990 Kievo-Pecherska Lavra Monastery was added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
Kam National Preserve of History & Architecture «Kamyanets».
Location: town Kamyanets-Podilsky, West Ukraine. If you would like to feel the spirit of the middle ages, to touch history where fearless warriors defended their fortresses and all sounds of glorious battles can easily be imagined while you are there, the town of Kamyanets-Podilsky is certainly your place.
Khorticya island Khorticya Island.
Location: City Zaporizzhia. Khortica is the biggest island on the river Dnieper. It is famous for its outstanding role in Ukraine history as a center of theCossack liberation movement, which became one of the most heroic and tragic pages of the Ukraine history
A tourist destination Ukraine.
Ancient Greek town Khersones Ancient Greek town Khersones Tavriisky.
Location: City Sevastopol, Crimea. Khersones was founded by the Greek colonists more than 2500 years ago. Its history has tight connections to Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and Byzantium. Archeological excavations have revealed many well-preserved buildings which are of great interest for the visitors to this location.
Sofia Kiivska The Saint Sophia’s Cathedral.
Location: City Kiev. The Cathedral was founded in 1037 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. It was a major cathedral and the site of all official ceremonies of Kievan Rus’: crowning the Kievan princes, receiving foreign ambassadors, and a burial place of Kievan rulers. Today the Cathedral is a central part of the Museum complex. Destination Ukraine.
Khotin Fortress. National Preserve of History & Architecture «Khotin Fortress».
Location: Town Khotin, West Ukraine.
This 1000-year old town attracts tourists from all over the world. Its ancient walls remember numerous foreign invaders, who always wanted to govern this conveniently located and prosperous town. Today’s Khotin is one of the major towns of the West Ukraine. In 2000 it became a National Preserve.

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