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The Kiev Ballet Theater has received recognition all over the world. Its history began in 1867 when it was just a city opera theater. Today «The National Opera of Ukraine» (the theater’s official name) became the first stage of the state. During more than 200 year history the theater has gone through many changes and developed one of the biggest repertories in the world. Almost every day the theater opens its doors to spectators. Once the theater curtain rises, you start to be a part of the magical world created by talent and inspiration of the performers, composer, conductor, and artist.The theater building and its interior bring some additional charm to this magic. The Neo-Renaissance style design is an excellent frame for the world of harmony, lofty matters and spiritual enrichment which takes place in this building.

The Kiev Ballet Theater.

If those walls could speak, what would they tell us about? Perhaps they would present us a whole parade of bright dancers that have performed on the «National Opera of Ukraine» stage: Sergey Lifar, Nadezhda Pavlova, Maya Plisetskaya, Marina Timofeeva (The Bolshoy Theater), Alla Osipenko, Irina Kolpakova, and Vladimir Malahov from the St.Petersburg Kirov Ballet.

What about today young talents? What and whom can you watch there if you decided to attend «National Opera of Ukraine»? There are 24 ballets in the theater repertory today: Giselle, Silfida, Carmen, Raimonda, Swan Lake, Marriage of Figaro, Nutcracker, Forest Song, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, and etc.

New generation of ballet dancers demonstrates the high level of mastery and artistic perfection, continue bright traditions of the Ukrainian musical culture. The names of young Ukrainian dancers Konstantin Kostyukov, Irina Dvorovenko, Elena Filip’eva, Maksim Belotserkovsky, Vladislav Kalinin, Vadim Solomaha among those who preserve the classic heritage of famous ballet school.

Ukraine goes not through its best historical time presently. It is not the best time for the theater either. Very many of its best masters are forced to spend significant time working abroad: Russia, USA, Austria, Spain, Canada, Yugoslavia, etc. But every evening the theater curtain rises and magic begins…

«The National Opera of Ukraine» is located at Volodymyrs’ka street 50,
Tel : 234-71-65, 279-11-69.

Ticket prices (2016): are about $2 — $12 a person, (UAH50-300.)

           Information about playbills can be found at the «National Opera of Ukraine» official website (mouse over text).