Chicken Kiev

The famous method of preparing chicken.

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev recipe is not a typical Ukrainian national food recipe. But you will find it served in most Ukrainian restaurants. When it comes to cooking, especially as much popular as this chicken dish is, a lot of different variations of the same recipe can be found. It is like Ukrainian borsh. There are as many recipes of borsh as many hostesses exist in Ukraine.

As for its history, you will find a few versions of this famous chicken dish recipe origin. Of cause, all of them are different. According to one of them, a Frenchmen Appert — the inventor of the canning of food was its author. He called it Chicken Supreme. Other versions talk about St. Petersburg and Kiev origination of it. Whoever invented it certainly deserved our gratitude and recognition.

Famous Chicken Kiev or «Kotleta-po-Kievsky» without any doubts belong to the row of culinary masterpieces. It deserves its name both — the way it looks and the way is tastes. Classical «Kotleta-po-Kievsky» is made of chicken breast and necessarily has a chicken shoulder bone in it. Sure it doesn’t change the taste, but looks really great. Like on this picture.

If some day you visit Ukraine and will try this famous dish, just remember that «a real one » has to be juicy. This way you can be sure that a restaurant cook was a master and you caught your luck.

Meanwhile, before you go to Ukraine try to cook it yourself. The recipe which is presented in the video below describes a little bit simplified version of Kiev variation of Chicken, but it is very well made and has comprehensive and professional description. Good job! Enjoy it!

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