Design your own Kiev tour

YOU are the one who knows best the things which would be interesting for you.

Design your own Kiev tour

Make your Kiev tour unforgettable. Ukrainian travel agencies offer many interesting tours which give you a general oversight of the city. If you don’t like to be a part of a standard tourist group, there is the only solution to avoid it. Design your own tour based on what YOU want to see.

Kiev is a big city with rich culture and 1,500-year historical past. During such a long period of time Kievan’s had a lot of possibilities to create the kind of city to keep you busy for days. Most likely, pretty soon you will realize that there is no enough time to see everything you would like to. There is really so much to see and do in Kiev.

To help you design your Kiev tour the way it would be interesting for you I included a short review and classification of tourist attractions and opportunities available in Kiev.


Below on this page you will find the best places with a short recommendations to see while your staying in Kiev. If you on a short trip choose the ones you can visit to enjoy a trip not in a rush and feel yourself comfortable:

Ukraine Art Gallery.

Sightseeing and Kiev Churches.


Theaters and Concert Halls.

Kiev Monuments.

Art Galleries.

Go through all of them, choose those which sound interesting for you. For the beginning write down your own short «Kiev guide» of places you would like to visit. Once you have your guide ready, try to analyze it time wise.

Are there so many places to see and so little time? Don’t be in a hurry to make your list shorter. Good planning can work miracles. Here are a few tips which will help you to stretch the time available for your Kiev tour.

Local travel agencies offer a lot of tour routes. Choose the one which includes the most of destinations you are interested in. It will save your time. Would you like to see something special none travel agency can offer you? Find a pair of comfortable shoes and take a stroll to see central Kiev. Start at Bessarabska Square, walk up Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, take a right on to Volodymyrska Street, passing the opera house, the Golden Gate, St Sophia’s Cathedral, St Andrew’s church, Andriyivsky Uzviz, etc. It is a pleasant long day walk with nice places to eat or drink.
Invite your friends who know Kiev well to join you for some activities or places you would like to visit. Not only you will have enjoyable companions, but their local experience will allow you to find out about the subject more than you would be able doing it yourself.


Here is a short review of places and activities to choose from planning your Kiev tour.

Sightseeing and Kiev Churches.

Kiev Churches.
Khreschatyk Street.
Kiev-Pecherska Lavra.
Monastery and Catacombs.
St. Sophia Cathedral.
St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral.
St.Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery.
Golden Gate.
National Opera House.
The Horodetsky Building.
Mariyinsky Palace.
Andriyivsky Uzviz.
St. Andrew’s Church .
Independence Square.

Kiev Tour. Museums.

Kiev Guide. Folk Architecture Museum (Pirogovo)
Great Patriotic War Museum.
National Art Museum of Ukraine.
Folk Architecture Museum (Pirogovo).
Bulgakov’s Museum.
Cultural Heritage Museum
Ivan Honchar’s Museum, Centre of Folk Art.
Kyiv Fortress Museum.
Museum of Russian Art.
National History Museum.
National Museum of Chernobyl.
National Museum of Medicine.
State Museum of Decorative Folk Art.

Kiev Tour. Theaters and Concert Halls.

Travel Kiev. National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet.
Theater of Drama and Comedy.
«Bravo» Kiev Drama Theater.
«Cherny Kvadrat».
Puppet Theater.
National Academic Theater
named after I. Franko.
National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet.
National Philharmonic of Ukraine.
Theater of Russian Drama
named after Lesya Ukrainka.
House of Organ and Chamber Music.
Cafe-Theater «Koleso».
Concert Hall «Ukrainian Palace».

Kiev Monuments and Statues.

Kiev Tour. Monuments.
Monument to Bogdan Khmel’nitsky.
Memorial to the founders of Kiev.
Afghanistan 1979-1989 War memorial.
Monument to Cyrill, Methodius,
St. Andrew and Princess Olga.
Monument to Grigory Skovoroda.
Monument to Prince Vladimir.
Monument to Yaroslav The Wise.
Heroes of the play «After Two Hares».
Taras Shevchenko.
Friendship Arch.
Motherland Statue.

Art Galleries.

Ukraine Art Gallery «Arsenal».
«Triptych» gallery
Atelier «Karas»
«SOVIART» gallery
«ARTEast» Gallery
Kiev Art Gallery

Parks, Gardens, Zoo.

The Botanical Garden.
Mariyinskiy Park.
The City Garden.
Taras Shevchenko Park.
Kiev Zoo
Trukhanov Ostrov
Park Slavi

You already have some idea about «places to go» during your travel in Kiev. What about more practical information for every day life? There are always a lot of questions when you visit new city or country: places to stay and eat, to go shopping, to change money, to find Internet, to buy maps, guide-books, and souvenirs, etc. You will find answers using the links above and at Living in Kiev page.

What are living conditions in Ukraine like? Do Ukraine people sound like they are quite open to foreigners? What are their traditions? What kinds of holidays does Ukraine have? What are their believes and religion? Where can I read information about current events, fashion restaurants andnight clubs, concert halls?

A lot of questions!!!! Can you find the answers? Let’s give us a try. Check the links in previous paragraph. More answers are coming soon.