Kiev Art Galleries

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Kiev art galleries

Taking the time to visit Kiev art galleries will give you a deeper understanding of the Ukrainian culture. If you appreciate art, you will find that Ukraine’s art galleries to be of the highest standards. The works of the best Ukrainian artists as well as of artists from other countries are represented there.
Arts have always been a very important form of expression in every culture. Ukraine’s rich history and cultural traditions are the abysmal source of inspiration for the amazing works of arts from paintings to drawings, from sculptures to graphic arts, from folk arts to icon painting. What are the most interesting places to visit? There are a few art museums in Kiev that are certainly worth a visit. Information about them can be found at Kiev museums page (page is coming). I would say that their art collections are somewhat limited and private art galleries in Ukraine are playing a larger role in exhibiting new works to the public.
There are literally zillions of them in Kiev. Which one you should choose? I suggest you to visit Andriyivsky Uzviz (Decent) first. No, I don’t invite you to buy something at the storefronts selling schlock. (To be fair, even among those «treasures» you can find very talented art works). There are three very interesting art galleries over there. They have a lot of art work to look at even if you are not an art worshiper. If you are an art collector, they are excellent places to buy good art at prices that don’t come near what you’d have to pay for them in the West. (Be sure, you are aware about the way getting your art out of Ukraine)!

«Dymchuk Gallery»

Address: Kyiv 04071, Yaroslavska, 21
Phone: +38 (044) 379 12 70, +38 (044) 379 12 74
email address:
Opening hours:
Tues — Sun: 11.00 – 19.00

Dymchuk Gallery was founded in 2008. Since that different venues in Odessa and Kyiv were used for the number of projects such as RESTART ODESSA, RESTART KYIV, Star wars, Save the president etc. Dymchuk Gallery participated in international art fairs and art forums as well as biennale. Among them:


ART KYIV contemporary 2009

ART KYIV contemporary 2010

ART KYIV contemporary 2011

ART KYIV contemporary 2012


Berliner Liste 2013


The main mission of Dymchuk Gallery is to promote Ukrainian contemporary art market by organizing exhibitions, presentations, participating in auctions and art fairs in Ukraine and worldwide. Dymchuk Gallery is enthusiastically involved in educational activities. To provide deeper understanding of contemporary art Gallery publishes exhibition catalogues, booklets and books, delivers lectures, conducts work-shops and literary evenings as well as artist talks.
«Triptych»: Global Arts Workshop

Address: Ukraine, 04070, Kyiv, St Andrew’s Descent, 34
Phone: (044)279 07-59; 050 370 60-39


Working hours: Open daily from 11.00 — 19.00

Kiev art gallery «Triptych» was established in 1988 as a unique and the only one in its sort the gallery of arts and crafts. During the last five year period gallery represented 200 art exhibitions and artistic projects. Every 2 weeks you may watch a new exhibition. Constant circle of the artists represented in the gallery consists from the authors well known not only in Ukraine but abroad as well.

Main gallery trend is contemporary art. On their well — organized web site you can find information about gifted artists whose works of art are represented in the gallery. They work in different genres, styles and techniques: painting, graphic arts, sculptor, applied art (glass, ceramics, textile, metal).

The gallery is well known for its research project «Decorative Art of Ukraine of the End of the XX Century». The goal of the project is to attract attention to the Ukrainian professional decorative art — a very bright, extensive but little-known branch of the Ukrainian art. A five-year project includes the publication of books, visual and informative materials that could display the panorama of artistic life in this sphere.

«Atelier Karas» Art Gallery.

Address: Ukraine, 01025, Kyiv, Andriyivsky Spusk, 22A Phone: (044)238-6531

Working hours: Open daily 11a.m. — 7p.m. without lunch break & days-off.

Paintings of modern Ukrainian artists.

Gallery is placed in the upper floor of the house, built by unknown architect in 1857. Founders of the gallery — family of the artists: Eugene Karas — son, director of the gallery, Valery Karas — father, artist of monument, Marietta Levkhanyan — mother, artist of ceramics. In 1986 they have got art atelier in Andriyivsky Uzviz according to decree of Ministers’ Council of Ukraine. The gallery building has become a favorite place for contacts of culture elite, wished as aesthetic space of interesting meetings. The Karas gallery is one of the most modish Kiev art galleries.

«SOVIART» Art Gallery.

Address: Ukraine, 01025, Kyiv, Andriyivsky Spusk, 22A Phone: (044)425-2219 website:

Working hours: Open daily 11a.m. till 7p.m.
Monday — day-off.

«Soviart» — is the first in the former USSR and Ukraine non-State center of the contemporary art. Since having been founded in 1987 it realized the most substantial artistic National and International projects in Ukraine, published the most significant catalogues, CD etc.

For 10 years of the Association’s activity:

7 International Art festivals in Kyiv International bienale of non-figurative painting Festival «Cultural heroes»
Art-projects presentation in Germany, Holland, UAE, Denmark
Three-year-project out of the 12 exhibitions «Art of Ukraine of the XX century»
First in Ukraine art-journal «Gallery» since 1998
Since 1999 realization of the National art-rating
Five-year program of the contemporary art museum creation in Kyiv, 1999-2004.
«ARTEast» Art Gallery.

Address: Kyiv, 13 Reytarska st.
Phone: (044)229-6552
Working hours: Open daily 11a.m. — 7p.m. Monday day-off.

Now let’s leave Andriyivsky Spusk and move downtown Kiev (the nearest metro station Zoloty Vorota). In a building of a great historical and cultural value of a former XIX-century ballet and opera school close to the famous Kreschatik the ARTEast Gallery is located. The school itself was considered to be the center of Kyiv’s cultural life. ARTEast Gallery is one of the best Kiev art galleries.

The gallery represents the top Ukrainian artists’ works of different art trends since 1992. You will easily find samples of beautifully designed Ukrainian pottery, excellent Tiffany lamps, hand-blown glass and bronze bases, ceramics, graphics, posters, wooden works, leather goods, and lots more here.

ARTEast gallery except for traditional exhibitions, introduces some unusual events, such as art auctions and master classes of painting. It holds a leading position in representing the best of national art to Ukrainian public and foreign connoisseurs as well. Art exhibited and sold in ARTEast is a guaranteed investment.

«Kiev» Art Gallery.

Address: Kyiv, 17 Nizhni Val st.
Phone: (044)416-01-83, (044)417-35-78

Working hours: Open daily 11a.m. — 7p.m. Monday day-off.

The Kiev Art Gallery is located in the 19th century building in Nizhni Val Street in Podol (the nearest metro station is «Kontractova Sguare»). Podol has always been an artistic district of the Ukrainian capital and one of the most favorite places of artists, actors and musicians. Kiev Art Gallery is a modern American and Ukrainian joint project. The works of the best Ukrainian artists as well as of artists from other countries are represented in the gallery.

The gallery has an ability to perform individual orders. Kiev Art Gallery accomplishes any orders and suggestions at really high creative level. They can design interior of your home or office, help to select matching art works. At the gallery you can order a variety of icons executed in accordance to ancient traditions of icon painting. Distinguishing features of the best Kiev art galleries is creative activity, professionalism and high prestige among the artists and art worshipers. Most of exhibits represented in the galleries are the authentic works of well-established artists that have been awarded the top prizes on various national and international exhibits and art contests.

There are a lot of opportunities in Kiev for you to find some unusual and unique Ukrainian crafts as a gift for your friends and relatives. Kiev art galleries, presented on this page, are not the only place where you can buy them. Local artists and craftsmen drop by their stuff to the souvenir shops or just sell them in the streets.