Forget about boring guides from the tourist buses. With a good Kiev map beautiful ancient Kiev is literally in your hands.

Kiev Map

Leave the beaten path. Take a good Kiev map and discover your own Kiev. Once you get to Kiev, you can pick up a free one at the airport. Any hotel, book store or a newspaper booth in the street should have them. Also, visiting on of Kiev restaurants or cafes you always can have there a free copy of paper map.

Surely, folding paper Kiev Street Map is the most convenient, you can use online map by means of your tab. But to make finding your way around Kiev a little easier, I’d strongly recommend you to have paper Kiev maps. Before you go out your hotel or private apartment do your homework, understand the way Kiev is laid out, look through your map and figure out what your walking route can be accomplished. It will really help you to discover your own Kiev.

KievRaionLet’s start our Kiev journey. Administratively, the city is divided into 10 raions (districts).

Three of them (Darnytskyi, Desnianskyi, and Dniprovskyi raions) are located on the left (east) bank of the Dniepr river.

Seven raions (Holosiyivskyi, Obolonskyi, Pecherskyi, Podilskyi , Shevchenkivskyi, Solomianskyi, Svyatoshynskyi) are located on the right (west) bank.

As of the All-Ukrainian Census conducted in 2001, the population of Kiev is 2,611,000, but honestly it’s very hard to estimate the real number of population that are living in Kiev. It is a big city which is not easy to manage. That’s why each district (raion) has its own unit of central and local government with jurisdiction over a limited scope of affairs.

If you ask Kievans where they live, most likely, they will use another (non-formal) names to describe their neighborhoods. Most of them have lost their distinctive topographic limits since they got their original names from the times immemorial. But people still use those historical names.

Kiev Raion, Ukraine Map.
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 Here are the most notable informal historical neighborhoods of Kiev.

Right (west ) Bank: Akademmistechko, Borshchahivka, Holosiiv, Koncha-Zaspa, Lukyanivka, Lypky , Nyvky, Obolon, Pechersk, Podil, Puscha-Vodytsia, Shulyavka, Svyatoshyn, Tatarka, Vydubychi, Vynohradar, Zhulyany, Zvirynets’, ets.

Left (east) Bank: Bereznyaky, Bykivnya, Darnytsia, Kharkivskyi masyv, Lisovyi masyv, Livoberezhnyi masyv, Osokorky, Poznyaky, Rusanivka, Trojeshchyna, etc.

To find some place in Kiev you would have to know:

Formal raion
Historical (informal ) neighborhood
Nearest metro (subway ) station or train stop
Formal address

We already have some idea about formal and informal names of Kiev’s neighborhoods. Kiev Metro system is another special kind of presentation of Kiev. Kiev Metro (Subway System) is the main public transportation that gives the citizens the quickest option travel through the city avoiding any traffic jams and be always on time to the point of traveler destinations. If you are in the capital please, keep in mind where is the nearest subway station for you to make your trip back to your hotel of apartment. You won’t ever be lost knowing the name of your Metro station. I placed here a local Kiev Metro Map, and tram and city train map. This public transportation (train/tram) connect land railways and cruise around Kiev, it’s very convenient and cost effective in terms you wanna explore Kiev on your own, and don’t wanna use taxi or rent a car. The map I placed on this page makes orientation easy even for the newcomers. You will find Kiev Metro lines scheme at UrbanRailNet site. (new window opens) together with a lot of useful practical information and pictures. Please, save this subway map on your tab, or print it before your trip to Kiev, I am sure it will help you while your travelling within Kiev. Also, always remember that in case you already inside of underground station at one of the Kiev subway station, a set map with instruction how to use it can be found right on each platform of any station. This set map provides you with info what name of the station you’re station your staying and what is the nearest sight-seeings you can visit leaving out the station. Taking a ride inside the train you can see a map placed on the wall of a train or a train window. This will be a great help for you if you need to get yourself oriented on your way.

Kiev street map to check addresses can be found at google maps (new window opens). It has clear image, allows you not only view details but also has convenient search for the streets. Site works pretty good, but not very fast. Well, we have to pay something for quality. This satellite Kiev map is a good toy. I would not try to find my way around Kiev using this map, nevertheless, it looks very interesting: a piece of Dniepr river, a bridge over it, the Independence Square, the Cathedrals of St. Sophia and St. Vladimir. You can see them pretty clear.

Now when we have our Kiev maps ready, let’s start our Kiev journey. Its glorious history goes back 1,500 years. This ancient and yet ever young city has a lot to be proud of:

  • warm stones of the majestic monuments of the past
  • theaters and museums
  • Kiev is a city of the golden domes. You can see them everywhere.
  • ancient history where legends merge with reality
  • steep slopes of the Slavutich (the ancient name for the Dnieper River) and Kiev’s symbol kashtany (horse-chestnuts)
  • modern megalopolis with crowds of people, streams of cars, fashionable restaurants, stylish night clubs, theaters which has so many trees that in the summer time you can walk from one end of Kiev to the other without leaving the shade.