Living in Kiev

Practical Information.

Living in Kiev-the Capital of Ukraine

Kiev has so many interesting places to see that can “feed” you with this spiritual food for a long time. There is no doubt Kiev, the capital of Ukraine , is really an amazing city, which is certainly worth a visit. Even if you have lived years in Kiev, it will always find something new to surprise you. The capital of Ukraine has special spiritual and historic atmosphere. You will feel it from the very first day once you come there.

The longer you live in Kiev, the more “material interactions” you will have with surrounding world to arrange your life comfortable. In a short period of time you will find your favorite restaurants and Internet cafes, know the fastest routes of Kiev transportation to destinations, locations of the most interesting museums, concert halls and theaters. This is great. But life is life. Sooner or later you will have to find a place to stay, eat, drink, go shopping, call your relatives and friends, and send them e-mail or surprise them with some special Ukraine gifts. It will come to you soon. For the beginners, who are spending their very first trip here, I have a short review of every-day things which you may need when live in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Below you will find information about such essentials, that provide you the best

Where to Stay.
Kiev Hotels — Kiev Apartments?

  There are a few types of accommodations to choose from in the capital of Ukraine. To find an appropriate place to stay in Kiev you have to listen to your common sense. Hotels which are located downtown close to the main attractions are more expensive. At the same time you can have the same kind of accommodations or even better when you choose hotel located in the outer part of the city.

Kiev has a very well-developed system of public transportation. It will take you 10-25 minutes to go downtown, depends where you stay at the left or the right bank of the Dnipro river, subway train is the fastest way of travelling within Kiev city. Another type of accommodation to consider is to rent apartment. It makes sense both either you are going to stay for a week there or for much longer period. Advantages are obvious: more privacy, much cheaper, in many cases living conditions are better to compare to hotel (mouse over text). Renting a long term apartment located a bit away of the center of Kiev will hold you away of additional spendings. Before you decide which option to choose, you may contact me to help you find the most convenient and economical apartment for long or short rent.

Where to Eat.
—Restaurants—Fast Food Places—National Ukrainian Cuisine—

  The capital of Ukraine can offer you a wide range of places to eat. From the costly restaurants to quite democratic but tasty food places. You won’t be hungry in Kiev. Don’t forget to taste Ukrainian national cuisine! Not sure you will have this opportunity in your home country. I’d strongly recommend you to book the table in at least one of the best Kiev restaurants (mouse over text) «Pervak» or «Tsarske Selo», having meals in one of these places you’d enjoy not only delicious national food, but very well created interior and atmosphere. Before reserving a table in «Pervak» or Tsarske Selo» restaurants go to their webpages read some more info about these places, choose the best seats for you, and of course look through the menu to make sure that’s exactly what you really need to eat. If you are tight with money see the costs of the each course at the restaurant sites and decide if you can afford it. As an option for you there are bunch of decent cheap cafeterias all over the city where you can have nice meal for about $10-$15 per person. The name of one of the most famous is «Puzata Hata» (mouse over text). Wisely using yummy’s sites presenting in this paragraph, you can find the best meal deals or meal of a day that can give you save some money or at least have additional portion of meal free of charge. Please, be wise and read each of the restaurant website very careful.

Where to Drink.
—Beer Bars—Trendy Places—Traditional Places—

Drink is drink everywhere. Perhaps the most important thing for this case is not what to drink, but how and where to drink to have pleasure. I would recommend you to taste Ukrainian beer. Here are a few choices: «Pivnaya Duma» (site in Russian) or «Shato» (mouse over text). These two places have their own brewery, that’s good and adorable for testing real live beer of different kind. You are always welcome to come and drink and eat with your friends and relatives.

Go shopping.
—Supermarkets—Shopping Centers—Farmer Markets—Gift Shops—

Whether you love it or you don’t… But you have to. I’d advise you three main places to buy the groceries and bottled drinking water. Supermarkets «Velika Keshenya», «Silpo» and «Besarabskiy Farm Market».

Manage your Money.

You can make your own research about cost of living in Ukraine using the links below.

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