Odessa vacation

10 reasons to visit Odessa.

Odessa Ukraine Vacation

Odessa Ukraine vacation is your opportunity to swim in the warm Black Sea, to stroll through Odessa’s shady streets and to enjoy its museum — like architecture, to listen to the excellent singers at the famous Opera Theater, to chat to original and friendly Odessites and to feel that special Odessa’s aura which you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Do you think this is just subjective opinion about Odessa and you are not convinced whether it worth your precious time? Facts are the only things which don’t depend on someone’s opinion. Let’s try to find at least ten good reasons to visit Odessa.

10 facts to know
planning your Odessa Ukraine vacation.

Odessa has all that beauty which can be found in a southern sea city: fresh breeze from the sea, light and sunny streets, sensation of never ending holiday. But Odessa is not just a southern city. It is very green and full of parks, monuments, theaters, magnificent building which will require your attention at every corner while you walking in the streets.
City is shaped as amphitheater along the Black Sea shore. More than 20 km of beaches made this resort very attractive for those who love swimming and sunbathing. By the way, there are no sharks in the Black Sea!!!
Odessa has good transport communication and easy to reach. There are over 45 domestic flights per week from Odessa International Airport and 14 airlines operating there. Airport has been renovated in 2006. It served about 600,000 passengers in first quarter of 2007. Odessa is connected to many cities in Ukraine, CIS, and some European countries. Besides that there are ferry connections from Odessa.
The climate of Odessa is moderately continental, dry and soft. The Black Sea softens frost in the winter time and weakens heat in the summer. Odessa is located on the border of steppes and sea. It brings an abundance of vegetables and fruit there ant creates an excellent conditions for good rest and strengthening of health.
Odessa area is famous for its mineral water springs and curative mud. The numerous medical facilities provide natural medical procedures and treat diseases of digestive, nervous, and circulatory system with a good success rate.
The city is reach in culture. There are a lot of places to keep you busy for a long time: theaters, museums, monuments, amusement parks, zoo, circus. Don’t miss the world famous Odessa Opera House!
Since 1972 Odessa is known as «the capital of humor» in the Soviet Union. Every year April 1st is a day off for everyone in Odessa. This day the city has been hosting the annual Day of Humor — Umorina.
Odessa is a cosmopolitan city. Many cultures has brought their customs, traditions, art, and food traditions to Odessa. That’s why there are so many small and big restaurants, bars, casinos where you can taste cuisines of any imaginable kinds. Odessa can cook and eat good.
Odessa Ukraine Vacation means a lot of night clubs, discos and other entertainment places. Especially in the summer time.
People of Odessa is a mixture of many cultures and nationalities. Odessa is looking after itself and always in shape. As a result, everyone who comes to Odessa feels like he is not in the street, but somewhere in the fashion show place. You will see a lot of beautiful men and women there.
This list can be much longer, of cause. Odessa Ukraine Vacation is a good opportunity to make friends and have fun. Odessites are very sociable, open, friendly, and well known for their ironic sense of humor. Their many years of experience to live among people of different cultures has taught them to tolerate other people and always try to help each other and strangers.

Keep in mind if you plan your Odessa, Ukraine Vacation: you are going to the city where one can always expect something unusual.

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