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Discover this one-of-a-kind Ukrainian city.

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Odessa videos which are presented on this page, are a small piece of every day life of this cosmopolitan southern Ukrainian city. Rich in culture, museum-like architecture, bright and original people Odessa has that attractive aura which makes it pleasant to visit and live. Let’s look at it closer.

Odessa video below were taken in present day Odessa. It gives us an idea about central part of Odessa. All Odessa’s easily recognizable symbols can be seen in this video: the Black Sea and Odessa’s sea port, Opera theater, Primorsky Boulevard, City Hall, Potemkin Steps, Vorontcov lighthouse, Duc de Richelieu monument, and Odessa shady streets.

What do Odessa video have to demonstrate to reflect a real Odessa’s look? It is not that easy question. Odessa has so many colors and different faces… What is real Odessa? Gypsy songs at the restaurant, classical music in front of the City Hall or a famous night club «Palladium»? Perhaps, the best way to answer this question is to buy a ticket and to visit Odessa. Meanwhile, pictures from the streets.

It is about that place in Odessa where every one feels happy and remembers that he/she used to be a child. Isn’t it worth a 8 minutes of our life? The Odessa delphinarium.

The first video brings us to 19th century. This is how Odessa looked like still being a young city. Voice which you can listen to belongs to Leonid Utyesov — the legend and pride of the Soviet culture.

He was born in Odessa. That’s why the words of his song about Odessa «there is a city which I see in my dreams…» had a special meaning for him and those who has close attachment to this special city.


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