Does it worth renting a car in Ukraine?

Car Rental in Ukraine

Car rental in Ukraine. Before renting a car for your journey there are some things you should know about driving in Ukraine, so that you won’t face any unexpected surprises while out on the road. Compared with Europeans or Americans, relatively few Ukrainians own private vehicles.

Why? It is simple, during the Soviet era even the least expensive car cost 50 times more than the average monthly salary of a Soviet worker. With those kinds of prices, it is easy to see why Ukrainians haven’t taken to the roads like Westerners.

Another factor is that the number of cars produced in the Soviet Union was very small. Even for those fortunate few people who had money, they still had to wait years for the opportunity to actually buy a car.

What is the result of all this? A very well developed system of public transportation in Ukraine.

How does this all relate to your desire to rent a car in Ukraine? Up until recent times there wasn’t sufficient demand for car rental in Ukraine. With economics being a stubborn matter, there was no supply because there was no demand. Why bother?

Fortunately things are changing nowadays and the number of cars in Ukraine is rapidly increasing. To rent a car in Ukraine is gradually becoming more and more common. But … we still have a problem here. Prices for car rental are not very competitive in Ukraine yet. This isn’t good for customers. Ukraine’s car rental rates are among the the highest in the world.


To Rent a Car. Regulations and Documentation.

If you feel that it is necessary for you to rent a car during your time in Ukraine, here is a basic overview of what you will need and need to know.


Speed limits are 60km/h (37mi/h) in built-up areas, 90km/h (55mi/h) in outside areas and 130km/ph (80mi/h) on the motorways.
Traffic drives on the right. Right-hand-drive cars are prohibited.
Drinking, taking drugs, or any medicines that can slow your ability to drive carefully is strictly prohibited. The limit of alcohol allowed in drivers’ blood is 0,2 permille. But I’d say that the smartest way to avoid any troubles in this country is stay away of any alcohol beverages while you’re driving. Heavy fines are imposed if traffic police smell alcohol on a driver’s breath. Your car can be a subject of parking violation ticket in case you illegally parking. Documentation: An International Driving Permit is required to drive in Ukraine, please, make sure you have it with you if you deciding to be behind a wheel at the territory of Ukraine.

Are you sure you need to rent a car? OK, let’s try to save your money. Tips for Car rental in Ukraine.

How can you save?

Don’t book the first car rental offer you see. Like everything else, do your homework. Spend some time shopping for the best price.
Try to travel in the off-season. Statistics shows that this way you can save about 20 percent by traveling in May or September instead of June, July, or August.
Car rental in Ukraine usually is more expensive at the airports. Always check the «downtown» rates for a possibly better deal. By picking a car up downtown, you can often avoid hefty airport surcharges.
The low rate you see advertised, as a rule is the «basic rate». Be sure that the «final rate» includes taxes, insurance and gasoline charge, drop-off charges, etc.
Car rental in Ukraine is usually cheaper if you rent from local companies, particularly auto dealers. Most likely you will find better service for the higher price at the major rental companies such as «Hertz», «Avis», and «Europcar»
You can save the price of day’s rental if you only need to drive from the airport to a hotel for the night. Take a shuttle bus the first day you arrived instead.
One more possibility to save money. You can consider negotiating with a local car owner to drive you around. If he speaks your native language, it is an excellent opportunity to see places, which a regular tourist will never see. (I will add information about the local drivers as soon as I have it available).
Booking a car with manual transmission is typically less expensive than automatics. You can cut your rental costs by going down to an «economy» car class, but you have to remember that they are smaller and underpowered for extended driving. Here is a list of rental companies to help get you started. Hope you will find the best rates for car rental in Ukraine. (Note that some web sites are in Russian only.)

Major rental companies in Ukraine:

«Alles Business Auto»

Happy driving and car rental in Ukraine!