One of the best ways to save your budget on dentistry treatment for your whole family & you!

Dental Travel to Ukraine. Affordable dentistry.

What makes dental travel to Ukraine, Kiev a good choice for you? Dentistry can be extremely expensive in the USA, Canada or UK and some other countries worldwide. Many people simply cannot afford dental care such as all-in-4 system, dental implants, ceramic crowns, porcelain veneers, nerve filling of a tooth, or advanced teeth whitening. Especially if it comes with whole family dental treatment for adults and kids, it could be too much to cover for a family budget.

Dental travel to Ukraine, KIev will definitely get you high-quality dental care for a fraction of the price you would have to pay in the US or Western Europe.

Ukrainian dentists also carry out a further more comprehensive range of dental services that includes root canal treatments, bridges, all-in-4 systems, dentures, fillings, dental hygienic treatments, laser teeth whitening and other dental care services. The professional team of dental specialists will do everything to ensure that once you’re in Ukraine, you will receive the affordable, high quality treatment that you need. You can combine spending great time with your whole family travelling to Ukraine and having affordable dentistry treatment for all of you at the same time.

Many Kiev's clinics hold State Certificates and have English speaking staff. Treatment at Ukraine clinic allows foreign patients to save up to 60% on US dental fees, which means you can save thousands of dollars on most procedures like all-in-4 dental system, ceramic crowns or veneers even after travel costs.

If you get interested in having affordable dental vacation, to help you receive accurate estimate for your procedure and guide you come over here for acceptable dental care, please, read the steps below, fill in the form underneath of this page and send it to us.

Why Ukraine

Is it worth going to Ukraine for dental treatment?


Prices for dental services in Ukraine are an extremely good value.


Tourists are attracted not only by reasonable prices, but also by the modern dental equipment and cutting-edge technologies, as well as top-quality materials for dental care.


Quality of service is never compromised. Dentists in Ukraine are highly-qualified professionals, with years of experience with both domestic and international clients.

Steps to estimate your costs for dental care in Ukraine, Kiev.
How it works to make a trip to Ukraine.

1 Fill in the form, write us about your problem and what kind of treatment you're expecting to get. Give us more details of what you need, but please, be specific.
2 Please, send us your dental records & dental panoramic X-rays from your dentist. With this information, we will be able to perform a more accurate estimate for your procedure. Having this information will help us to determine your length of stay in Kiev. Please remember, without your X-rays it's impossible to do any costs calculation and determine the length of stay in Kiev.
3 Next, you will receive a medical questionnaire from us to complete and resend it to us.
4 After gathering the whole information stated in 1,2,3 paragraphs mentioned above, it will take us up to five (5) days to get back to you with the total costs for your treatment including transfer expenses, hotel, tour through Kiev the capital, etc.
5 Having the total price we provide you within five (5) days term, now you're on your own to decide whether it's a real good deal to come! Please, be sure we're giving you the best reasonable & economically offer you can find.

Testimonial - Broken Crown


Myself Tafara, am a US citizen, and New Jersey native who traveled to Ukraine, Kiev many times. I am happy to give a review of the dental services that you referred myself and my wife to. The dental services were very professional and well done. I had a crown placed on one of my teeth that was broken. The previous crown I had done in Virginia was loose an fell off twice. In Ukraine I had the same procedure done for a fraction of the price and the crown has lasted for years up until this day. The dental team that did the procedure was well trained and professional and had the most modern equipment in place. My wife also recently had dental work done at the same location as well and was impressed with the services. As for the city of Kiev itself, it is a very interesting town. There are the same events and institutions as any major city in the US like Philadelphia or Chicago. Theater, Opera, Museums, Night Clubs, Tours, sightseeing. It is worth the visit even if just as a tourist. The city is pretty safe, much safer than pretty much any major US city. English is spoken in many high end establishments as well.