Kiev's airports - Ukraine's airports.

Airports and Flights to Ukraine

Currently there are many airports worldwide that accept regular flights to and from Ukraine. But only seven of them handle both domestic and international flights at the territory of Ukraine.

These are: Kiev Boryspil airport, Kiev Julyany airport, Odessa airport, Kharkiv airport, Lvov airport, Dnepropetrovsk airport and Zaporizhzhya airport.

I am sure you can find online more information about the exact airports you need, and lists of the international flights to Ukraine available at those airports. The most of the international flights arrive to Kiev. In many cases the easiest way to reach your destination in Ukraine is to book a flight to Kiev first and then to book an additional connecting flight through Aerosvit or Ukraine International Airlines (mouse over text). Kiev has two airports: «Borispil«(mouse over text), which is located 40 kilometers from the city center and «Kyiv»(Zhulyany), located 7 kilometers from the city. 99% of international flights to Kyiv arrive at «Borispil». You can find a complete list of flights to and from Kyiv at «KiyAvia» website (mouse over text).

Flights to Ukraine

You have two options once in Kiev if you decide to travel by plane to other destinations in Ukraine.

From airport «Borispil»(KBP) you can reach many cities within Ukraine and the former Soviet Union country. For complete information about flights to Ukraine and services available at the airport visit the Airport «Borispil» site (mouse over text).
Airport «Kyiv» (Zhulyany (IEV) (mouse over text) also handles both domestic and international flights. To continue your flight to Ukraine from «Kyiv» airport, please remember to allow at least 4 hours between the flights for changing between the airports.
To continue your flights to Ukraine from «Kyiv» (Zhulyany ) airport you can:

Either take a Sky Taxi from «Borispil» to airport «Kyiv» (mouse over text). All necessary details about this ride you can find here.
Or take a Sky Bus from «Borispil» to Pivdenny railway station of Kyiv. You can find the Sky Bus schedule at the Airport «Borispil» website (mouse over text). The ride is about 50 — 60 min, depending the traffic. The fare is about 50-60 UAH. (app. $4 USD-2015 ). Than take public transportation (minibus route # 9 — marshrutka ) to «Kyiv» (Zhulyany) airport. Sorry, this route is not too much pleasure to take.

Inter-city transportation.

 Your flight to Ukraine is over, but you have not reached your final destination yet. What are your possible choices?

Use the extensive rail network. You can reach almost all destinations in Ukraine by railways. In Kiev, the railway station is located not far from Kiev center. Sky Bus (see the link above) express will drop you at Kiev’s main railway station in about 1 hour. Timetables for trains throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union you can find at «Ukrzaliznitsa» site. Or you can…
Experience the comfort of the private bus services. The best-known of these are AutoLux and Gunsel

Some «street wisdom» tips.

Crime in Ukraine is relatively low as for western standards. But foreign tourists need some sort of «acclimatization» experience to feel comfortable in Ukraine. Use your common sense to make your visit to Ukraine enjoyable and safe. After your flight to Ukraine is over, and you are ready to leave the airport, «Borispil», please, be aware:

It is about 30- 40 yards from the main entrance of the airport’s terminals to the bus stops or the parking lots. You will be asked many times whether you need some help with your bags. All those people are «private money hunters». Remember about this distance in case you decide you need their help.
To get a taxi ride from the airport is not a problem. There are two types of taxis: official (see the Sky Taxy link above) and private. Private taxis are simply any local drivers who sometimes act as taxi drivers. They usually charge significantly less than official taxis.
As a rule taxi drivers do not speak English. Unless you speak the language, show a note with the destination written in Ukrainian or Russian, and ask the price before you sit in a taxi. Be sure not to get into a car containing two or more people. Normal precaution should be taken in the evenings.
Keep in mind taxis usually accept dollars and Euros. However it is not a bad idea to change about $30 at the airport. Don’t change any more than that! Exchange rates are better in the city center. Also don’t change money with strangers in the street. Illegal currency exchange in Ukraine is a criminal offense.
While planning your visit to Ukraine, remember that the country is still largely a cash economy. You will need to carry paper money, since credit cards sometimes are not easily accepted. A safe way to carry your money is with money belt that can be worn under your clothes.

Yahoo Currency Converter tool (mouse over text) will help you to plan your flight to Ukraine financially.

Check the weather for your flights to Ukraine. Weather Informer from GISMETEO.COM (mouse over text) is a good adviser about packing your suitcase. Keep your suitcase light!

Now you have a lot of information and homework to do to be ready for your flight to Ukraine. Don’t hesitate to visit Ukraine. Recently I heard somebody’s wise advice about flights to Ukraine: «Go now before it’s spoiled.»