Your Budget Travel to Ukraine. What should you expect traveling in Ukraine

Low Budget Travel

Your successful Travel to Ukraine depends on Budget and it will require good planning. To make your Ukraine tour an enjoyable experience instead of small nightmare, learn what should you expect traveling in Ukraine.

Ukraine is located in the center of Europe, but it still is an ideal place for low-budget travel if we compare Ukrainian and European prices. Today tourism in Ukraine has become one of the fastest growing branches of Ukraine economics.

At the same time, standards of tourist infrastructure: air and ground transportation, hotels, restaurants, taxis, may be different from what you are accustomed to in your country.

Besides that, Ukraine tourist market has some features which you should know about in order to reduce your travel expenses significantly and to make your tour a real «Budget Travel to Ukraine». How do you usually plan your trip? There are a few things which you should take care about first of all:

a local guide in case you don’t have clear idea how to organize your trip or feel that your local language skills are not good enough.


 Let’s consider what is the best way to plan your Budget Travel to Ukraine.


Perhaps, every one has some ideas where to buy tickets in order to arrive to Ukraine. There are a lot of well-known companies which tell you how great they are, offering you to order tickets from them, you have to calculate and decide what is the best offer you should take. Remember that’s the first step to begin your trip, and the rest of the steps will very much depend on this one. Now you are in Kiev, for example, but Kiev is not your final destination. What father? You should be aware of where you going next, if you can stay in the capital for a few days it will help you take a rest and figure out what gonna be your next steps. Staying in the capital can turn into some new adventures for you with visiting some sight-seeings and having adorable national meals in local restaurants.

Always remember that Ukraine has a very well developed system of public transportation, and thinking about your further destination you are about to to reach from capital, take notice about some choices you have. Three main ways of transportation, but you are the only one who should decide what would be the best option for you:

Aircraft: the fastest, but not the cheapest way to travel Ukraine  (mouse over text). Besides that, far not all destinations in Ukraine have airports.
Train: Low rates and extensive destinations.  (mouse over text)  More about buying Ukraine train tickets.
Bus:  (mouse over text)  low rates, flexible schedule. Perhaps, not the most comfortable kind of transportation.
Boat / Ferry: (mouse over text) the Black Sea connections.

If  in your case you are holding the strategy to be very close to your budget, well, I think you have a clue. Now let’s try to solve this real life problem by considering this simple example. What is the best way to travel from Kiev to Odessa? What kind of Ukraine transportation should you choose to make your budget travel to Ukraine? Let’s check it out

BY BUS: Departure: 12:00. Arrival: 18.05 (next morning). Ticket price: 395 UAH ( price of VIP seat for one way trip.)

BY TRAIN: Departure: 16:36. Arrival: 23.31 (the same day). Ticket price (Intercity-Plus VIP seat) : 433 UAH (Speed train for one way trip.)

BY PLANE: Ticket price is from 1 308 UAH to 6 330UAH. It takes about 1 hour and some minutes to get from Kiev to Odessa.

I guess, it looks like taking a train is the most smart choice to get to Odessa.

Accommodation for Low Budget Travel.

 Of course you need a place to stay. What is traditional solution for accommodation? Sure, hotel! Are you really sure? Ukraine tourist market is pretty specific to be sure about it. For most cases to rent a privately owned apartment is much better alternative to hotels. More about it at Kiev apartments page. Variety hotels in the capital can be boring, stressful, or who know can give you some thrilling time you are spending at your PC, anyway decide what level of services you need and what you are willing to spend for your staying in Kiev, Ukraine capital. So, go to work…

 What if you are very busy or need someone who probably can arrange you a trip and help you skip language barriers communicating with local staff. That’s a Local Guide. It will sure cost you some extra, but you know, in some case there is no any way around but only to take this decision, and you won’t regret of taking it!

If you do not have any Ukrainian friends yet and you do not speak Russian or Ukrainian, you will need a local guide to arrange your budget travel to Ukraine. There are two possible choices for you available: Travel agency or independent Ukrainian guide.

Ukraine possesses many outstanding historical, cultural and scenic sites. Ukraine travel agencies (there are more than 3000 of them in Ukraine) offer well developed net of domestic and international tours through over the world. At the same time, being the «middle man», any tour operator will charge you certain percent of additional fee for their services.

Besides that, you can get professional travel assistance and services at a fraction of the cost of a tour operator if you contact independent Ukraine Guides and Interpreters who will answer all questions about your trip to Ukraine and help you to arrange it. Certainly you don’t want to guess which guide or interpreter is the best for you, please, contact me directly and I will try to set you the person who might be able to help with your trip.