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How to Buy Ukraine Train Tickets

There are a few options for you when buying Ukraine train tickets. It is not a problem to buy train tickets during off seasons. You can do this the railway station located in the city/town you visited or at a ticket office around the city a few days before the date of your departure.

If you are planning to visit popular tourist destinations during the peak travel season, it is better to book the tickets in advance. This can usually be done up to 45 days in advance.

In both cases, however your trip is planned, the tickets will be booked through the computerized order system «Express-2».

They are available at any Ukraine railway station or a ticket office, but there is a problem here. Unfortunately the computerized order system «Express-2» is not integrated into the Western European booking systems. Therefore tickets in Ukraine can only be booked inside the country.

Nevertheless the situation is not hopeless. You still have an opportunity to have your tickets booked in advance. There are a few Ukrainian travel agencies which can either arrange for you to collect tickets when you arrive in Ukraine or deliver them by DHL to your home, or you can use any other reputable delivery services like UPS or FedEx to do delivery right to your door. They should deliver your tickets within 4-6 business days.

For the last several years it’s becoming available to purchase train ticket online via Ukraine railway online service, and receive it to your email for printing, or saving a special (ticket) code at your Tablet. But before doing this you have to make sure that this option can be smoothly completed from the country you’re trying to make such online purchase. It’d be wisely to contact Ukraine railway online service and get the confirmation from their end before you do any ticket purchase transaction. Ukraine railway online service has 24/7 helping  desk to answer your questions, you can email, call or text them any time you ready to take your trip to Ukraine.

You will find the Ukraine train schedule at the Ukrzaliznitsa web site (partially in English, full data in Russian as well as Ukrainian languages).

Additionally, timetables for trains throughout the former Soviet Union can be found at (site in English). The most comprehensive site about train travel in Europe is presented at Deutsche Bahn. (available in English and German languages).

OK, you have bought your ticket after all this hard research! Now when you have it in your hands, let’s check whether everything was done correctly. Here is your Ukraine train ticket. Check it carefully!


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