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Ukraine river cruises offer a unique perspective of Ukraine with the opportunity to discover this majestic land by ferry/ship/yacht. Chances are good that if you are using this site you may be planning a trip to beautiful Ukraine. A special experience you should consider including in your itinerary are Ukraine River Cruises.

Ukraine culture is filled with rich traditions and a variety of noteworthy landmarks that attract travelers from all over the globe and river cruises are a sensational way to see what Ukraine has to offer.

Never been on a cruise before? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a sailor to enjoy it. In fact cruises are enjoyed by a variety of travelers. A cruise ship can provide you with a unique balance of activities and lets you determine which destinations are most important to you. Some destinations may not peak your interest and you can spend time exploring the ship instead. Other destinations, including the sites mentioned below, attract visitors year round.

A cruise to Ukraine will allow you to explore the top traveler destinations while avoiding all the hassles that can come with airline travel including multiple tickets, layovers, delays, and unnecessary fees.Ukraine River Cruises

Ukraine by Sea.

Many travelers already appreciate traveling by sea, but for those who have never had the experience a river cruise can be a good place to start. A cruise can supply you with a unique perspective of the land, culture, and cuisine. Also on a cruise you can dictate what time you spend exploring the land and what time you spend enjoying the accommodations of your chosen ship.

Depending on where your journey begins, a cruise to Ukraine can be the most affordable and reliable travel option. When you begin to research top Ukraine destinations you will most likely encounter the cities of Odessa, and Kiev. Mouse over text and you will see recommend information about river cruises in 2016 on Dnipro river visiting the most of the main cities.

DSC_7299Odessa is well known for the baroque sculptures that surround the Pasazh Shopping Mall. Other top spots to enjoy the scenery include the Cathedral of Assumption, the Prymorsky Boulevard or the Akkerman Fortress hidden inside the ancient town of Bilgorod — Dnistrovsky.

Kiev, one of Europe’s oldest cities, has a deep heritage of Ukrainian, Cossack, and Viking people. Once you depart the cruise ship it is almost impossible not to be drawn in by the historic buildings, monuments, and preservation of history. The domed Sophia Cathedral and the Monastery of Caves are often the top sites tourists all over the world wish to see.

The Dnieper River, the most likely travel destination on a cruise, is also rich in traditional cities and towns packed with activities and excursion. The views of the ancient forests, historical cities, and serene lakes will simply take your breath away. Traveling on a cruise can offer luxurious accommodations and the opportunity to explore a destination by land and by sea.

Ukraine River/Sea Cruises provide most travelers with a balance of on ship activities and off ship excursions. This allows you to discover the land of Ukraine and build a vacation experience that you will remember for a lifetime. You can click this line you are reading now to be linked with the local travel company that provides services by sea. They have their agents not only in Ukraine, but in some other countries that are featured for your conveniences.  Also well known River cruise company «Viking River Cruises» wich used to provide cruises on Dnepr river down to Black Sea. This company stopped their navigation in Ukraine in 2014, but recently they have announced reopen their business in Ukraine in 2016. They are going to organize 10 days similar cruise from Kiev to Odessa, their web site is: