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Map of Ukraine

We still think that the most convenient map of Ukraine to use is an updated folding style paper map. Nevertheless, Ukraine map can be found on-line, and used by one of the tablet you can have with you while your trip. Let’s start our journey through Ukraine – the second largest country in Europe, I try present you some figures about Ukraine as the country that you’re visiting.

Ukraine’s overall territory is 603,700 sq. km. It is large enough to locate six European countries in its area; Austria, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, and Portugal. On the map of Ukraine you can see that there are seven neighboring countries bordering Ukraine; Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania.

14 percent of the Ukraine territory is covered with forests, 5 percent – with mountains (Carpathians). All the rest are steppes, the famous endless Ukrainian steppes, whose soil is the most fertile in the world.

If you look at the map of Ukraine, you can see that the southern part of Ukraine is washed by the Azov and Black Seas. Ukraine land borders are 4,663 km long, while its coastline is over 2,500 km long.

The highest point of Ukraine is Hora Hoverla (2,061 m) located in the Carpathians. According to one of the scientific calculations, geographical center of Europe is located in the Carpathians near the city of Mukachevo.

There are around 71,000 rivers and streams in Ukraine. 67,000 of them are shorter than 10 km. Dnipro (Dniepr) is the largest among them and the 3rd largest river in Europe. Most parts of Ukraine have a temperate-continental climate. It is fairly mild, the average temperature of the warmest month, July, is 23 degrees Celsius or 74 Fahrenheit. The coldest month in the central part of Ukraine is January with an average temperature of -7 degrees Celsius or 20 Fahrenheit. The Odessa city however is located in a zone of the Mediterranean climate.

The most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine are:

Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv.

City Lviv and Carpathians.

City of Odessa.

As we said earlier, you’ll definitely need a map for making your trip easier. Still we might suggest you buy an updated folding paper map of Ukraine once you arrive there. Most likely that will be in a big city such as Kiev, Odessa. They should have them at any hotel, book store or a newspaper booth in the street for free. Or try to get one free copy that you can find in the airport, or some restaurants in Kiev also free of charge.