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About Ukraine Tourism

Ukraine tourism is one of the fastest growing branches of the national economy. During the period of the Soviet Union, tourism was not even a branch of the State economy. It was just a neglected part of “the sphere of services”. For a considerable length of time, foreign tourists were allowed to come to officially designated “open” cities only. Practically no soviet citizens were allowed to travel abroad. Today the Ukraine tourism industry confidently has entered the world tourist market. Tourism in Ukraine has been recognized and is an important economic factor. There is a good reason for this change.

A tourist sector of the economy serves as a major source of currency for about 38% of countries in the world. It’s all a matter of priorities and one that many countries in the world choose to emphasize. In the present day we can see that things are beginning to change in the Ukraine’s tourist industry. The Cabinet of Ministers and the President, adopted several important decrees on tourism, “The Program of Development of Tourism up to the year 2010” has already been launched. In October 1997, Ukraine became a Full Member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO). The World Tourism Organization has placed Ukraine in the top 25 most visited countries in the world. Does Ukraine tourism really have what it takes to attract tourists? Yes, it truly has great potential.

What makes Tourism in Ukraine attractive?
There are many features that are advantageous to the development of Ukraine tourism:

1. Over 500 cities of Ukraine were founded more than 900 years ago, also 4,500 villages of Ukraine are more than 300 years old.
2. More than 150-thousand monuments of culture, history, and archeology reflect the remarkable history of the Ukrainian people. 80 % of the monuments of Kyivan Rus epoch (IX – XII centuries) are concentrated in the territory of Ukraine.
3. The excavations of ancient towns in Tira, Olviya, Panticapea dating from the 5th century B.C. as well as the magnificent fortresses built in the 14th-15th centuries by Italians from Genoa.
4. More than 600 museums introduce the most outstanding facts and personalities of Ukrainian history and culture.
5. Ukraine has excellent and diverse geography, climatic conditions, and scenic nature. The Carpathian mountains are a traditional place for skiing, mountaineering and kayaking.
6. Many regions of Ukraine have saved their ethnic originality. Tourists therefore have a great opportunity to get acquainted with national culture, songs, dances, and meals.


Ukraine tourism industry statistics shows that the most popular tourist destinations are:

Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv (30%).
City of Lviv
Carpathian region
City of Odessa

So many places to choose, so little time…

Ukraine tourism opportunities are not restricted to the traditional destinations which are mentioned above. There are still many “special” places where you will find the unique combination of virgin nature and animal life. There are many National Parks, Biosphere and Nature Reserves in Ukraine.

The most famous are “Askaniya-Nova”, “Shatskyi”, “Karpatskyi”, “Chornomorskyi”.

You can feel the spirit of the glorious battles and fearless warriors of the defensive fortresses of Kamyanets-Podilsky, Lutsk, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky, Medzhybizh, Uzhgorod, Mukacheve will touch harmony of nature and design at one of the most beautiful places, created by human hands, Dendrological park “Sofievka” which was given as “a very special gift” by the Polish count Potocky to his beautiful Greek wife Sofya, after whom the park owes its name.

All these places are interesting and have a lot to offer that will keep you excited and busy for long periods of time. Otherwise they wouldn’t be that popular. We have visited many of them on a few occasions and we’re sure we will go there again!

Ukraine tourism attracts around more than 15 million travelers annually. What are they looking for? Each of them has his/her plans and places of interest. But all of them will find some unspoiled spots in Ukrainian nature and culture which are still waiting to be discovered.

We’re sure your memories will always bring you back to Ukraine.