Walking tours through the city.

Lviv History

Glorious Lviv history is rich in events. Lviv is often referred to as a capital of Western Ukraine. This is the city of unique architecture, incredible mix of cultures, styles and nationalities. Different nations reside in the city from the times of its foundation until today, each making part of wonderful Lviv history.

Ukrainians, Poles, Armenians, Jews, Austrians, Germans, they all contributed to making Lviv different for other cities. The history of the city is long, fascinating and sometimes very tragic. Lviv always played an important role in the political and social life of the whole region and Western Ukraine.

It used to be the capital of the medieval Galych-Volyn principality during Kyiv Rus times; it was one of the most important polish cities and the capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire district. In the Austrian times, the city was called nothing but ‘little Paris’ because of the fashionable hotels, banks, private houses and the wealth of the citizens.

History of Lviv had a huge influence on the contemporary outlook of the city and its transformation into one of the main tourist attractions not only of the western region but whole Ukraine. It proudly takes place in the list of top European tourist attractions. Thousands of tourists all over the world are visiting Lviv each year.


The real beauty of the city and Lviv history can be discovered during one of the whole variety of walking tours through the city of the sleeping lions. The city is simply incredible and, basically, one can spend hours just wondering and staring at the houses, theaters, sculptures and monuments.

There are different walking tours around Lviv, from general walking tour around the city to subjective walking tours dedicated to the particular period of the unique historical past of the city or one of Lviv nationalities or simply dedicated to a particular Lviv building.

Most popular is a walking tour around Lviv that covers main city attractions. It tells about Lviv history, tourists can visit main attractions of the city: Orthodox and Greek catholic temples, quarters of the old city, Rynok Square (Market Square), Opera theater, monuments and sculptures of different period, paintings and frescos. The tour lasts three hours minimum, but it is like a first date with the city, you will definitely want to have another one afterwards!

Generally speaking, several periods can be outlined in the history of the city of Lviv :

Medieval Lviv
Polish Lviv
Austrian Lviv
Ukrainian Lviv

Basing on this division, most popular Lviv walking tours are developed with the respective names. For example, during «Austrian Lviv walking tour», tourist visit goes along part of the city, created during Austrian times. You can see monuments and buildings of that time, and discover Lviv history of Austrian period.

There are walking tours dedicated to a particular building, like walking tour around Lviv Opera House — a pearl in the architecture of the city. The theater impresses with the vast decorations and philosophy of each element and sculpture. Five kilos of gold were used for the renovation of the theater in 20th century.

There is also a walking tour around recently opened Jesuit Cathedral, Christian temple that is 400 years old!

Lviv is a city that one can simply fall in love with, once seen. There are many secrets that Lviv has prepared for its tourist, just waiting to be opened and walking tour around Lviv is just the way to discover them!