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What to see in Lviv

A Lviv Videos page is your opportunity to stroll through the downtown of the unique 750 — year old Ukrainian city where each building is an architectural masterpiece. By the number of historical and architectural monuments and their classical beauty it certainly takes the first place in Ukraine.

Lviv is a quiet city. To understand, feel, and fall in love with it, you don’t have to run from one tourist object to another. Lviv will open its heart to those who walk slowly, observe closely, watch with opened eyes, and listen to what this city is capable to tell.

Two videos taken in Lviv are presented on this page. The name of the first video is «Breath of the Lviv’s stones.» As all roads in the world lead to Rome , all streets of Lviv lead to the Rinok Square. Its unique ensemble was built during XVI-XVII centuries.

Every building was created by the famous architects according to the individual projects. That’s why you will never be bored while examining  the details of walls, windows, gates, columns, antique statues of Neptune, Diana, Adonis, Amfitrida, Mars, and Venus staying just in the streets. Let’s watch!

The second of Lvov videos is «Travelling through the Lviv’s yards.» Being in Lviv, don’t miss your opportunity to walk through its yards. Very often they conceal treasures which look not less amazing than the frontage of the buildings. In this  video you will watch a few of them: The Drug Store Museum and Italian Yard on the Rinok Square, a former House of the Governor, and the Ratusha (City Hall).

To get a better idea about Lviv’s historical part, in addition to Lviv videos you can watch a slide show.