More than eleven centuries of history.


Uzhgorod which recently celebrated its 1112 anniversary is the administrative, cultural, industrial, and scientific center of Transcarpathia. It is the smallest and westernmost of 23 regional capitals within Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian 2001 census, the 120,000 population of the city included: Ukrainians — 77.8%, Russians-9.6%, Hungarians-6.9%, Slovaks-2.2%, Roma 1.5%.

Trough several hundreds years of its history city’s buldings have seen many rulers who used to own the city. During this period Uzhgorod became the city which has a very attractive architecture with diverse antique styles, modern buildings and pictorial landscape united as a unique ensemble.

The city always deeply impresses its visitors with natural richness and freshness. Uzhgorod is located much closer to Europe than to the center of Ukraine. There are 480 km from Uzhgorod to Bratislava, 320 km to Budapest, 570 km to Vienna, and 806 km to Kiev. This city strikes you out with its chamber character, refinement, specific climate, and multi-ethnic culture.

Strolling the city’s streets you suddenly realize that time here has different rhythm than in Kiev or even Lviv. No one is in a hurry. You feel state of general internal peace, spiritual harmony and balance in people. City is extremely hospitable and warm. It has its own unique look, energetics and aura.

The city is located on the crossroad of different historical cultures, languages, types of thinking, customs and traditions. This combination developed in local people willingness to accept people of many different cultures , made them opened-minded, awarded them by rare ability to tolerate others and created that special hospitality which you will find here.

Uzhgorod is a small city according to European standards. You can easily observe it during one day walk. But you will never consider it as a forgotten provincial place. It is always full of life. There are a lot of people chatting at the coffee tables along the Uzh river, numerous small and cosy restaurants with tasty and inexpensive food and desserts, millions of shops and offices along the streets of its old part to keep you busy.

What is certainly worth a visit while you are in the city?

First of all, you should walk the streets of old downtown. They are the city’s heart, spirit, most favorite place to visit for local and tourists. Great for shopping, rest, opportunity to relax with a cap of excellent coffee or have a good meal.

On the hill of the volcanic origin you will see an impressive Castle/Fortress. It was build in 10th century and has been rebuilt many times after. Today it belongs to Tranthcarpathian Museum of Local Lore and is opened to public. It has an impressive exposition: secret passes, underground, thick walls, well in the internal yard,warehouses and prison — everything to stay protected in case of long siege.

In front of the Castle The Transcarpathian Architecture and Lifestyle Museum is located. Well-preserved old wooden churches, village houses, home utensils, wood carvings demonstrate the style of life people of the west Ukraine had many years ago. Don’t miss local Cathedrals and churches (check a slide show below) and The Transcarpathian Bokshai Museum of Art (in the old City Hall)!

The oldest building in the city is Goranska Rotunda which was enlisted on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This is the second oldest after Sophia Kievska church which has unique mural paintings made by the Italian artists 700 years ago. Just 5 miles away from the city you can visit well-preserved ruins of Nevitsky Castlewhich was built in XIII century. This archaeological monument as many of Ukrainian heritage treasures is still waiting for better times to come.

 One can talk a lot about this city, but the best way to know it, to feel its special aura is to visit it. I think you will find there many interesting places to look at. Not only those which I mentioned above. I can only say:  «Farewell!» The video below can give you the best vision what a gorgeous place you can visit! Enjoy watching…